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9th Grade Tech Lit

Course Description

Because of scheduling conflicts, this course is no longer being offered.

This course will help students analyze the role of technology in their lives, while allowing them to understand how a variety of computer technologies can be used to help them grow as 21st century citizens. The class will evaluate principles of digital citizenship and explore the benefits of social networking while understanding consequences of a digital footprint. Students will also investigate effective uses of web-based resources such as Google Apps and other web 2.0 tools. Students will learn how to quickly find information by using effective strategies in internet search engines such as Google. Students will also learn the basics of web design by creating a collaborative website, while learning the basics of student directed technology application such as photo and sound editing. This course will serve as an introduction to a wide range of technology related topics and applications while providing students with lifelong technology literate skills for success.

Driving Questions

Year-Long Objectives

  1. Learn and apply researching skills, google apps for education, and web 2.0 tools.
  2. Learn effective research skills such as research principles, search engine operators, and search strategies.
  3. Research issues related to digital citizenship, cyber security, and the social effects of technology.
  4. Create a website using Google Apps for Education about a topic related to our digital community.

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9th Grade Tech Lit

Introduction to Google Apps for Education.

We start off the year ensuring all students are familiarized with their school-provided Google Apps for Education accounts - this includes such activities

Technology Awareness

After introducing Google Apps, we start researching topics for our Technology Awareness Multimedia Project.