Ed Tech w/ Mr.DeBoyace

7th Grade Computer Tech

Course Description

This course will guide students in a preliminary understanding of how computers work. Students will first come to understand how students communicate using binary code, the major components of a desktop computer, and the basics of how computer programmers build the amazing software we use every day. Students will research the who, what and where of computers - including important inventors and historical events of computers. All the while, students will create tutorials and websites, to publish their knowledge to the world.

Driving Questions

Year-Long Objectives

  1. Understand and interpret binary code and it's part in computing.
  2. Attain a preliminary understanding of programming, including concepts of sequencing, logic, functions, variables and computational-thinking.
  3. Learn basic technology fluency skills such as photo and video editing, presentation creation and website navigation.

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Binary Code

In this Unit, I introduce students to the way in which computers communicate. Throughout this Unit, students will explore:

  1. What Binary Code is
  2. How to count in Binary code
  3. How to translate Binary code to letters, and vice versa
  4. How computers use Binary code to process information

Unit Resources

Scratch Programming Unit


In 7th grade we begin exploring the basics of Computer Programming through Scratch.

Check out our full curriculum here. Our work with Scratch focuses on creating original student work from a basic project concept, while recognizing basic principles of programming in achieving those goals.
The following are examples of student work forthcoming!

Student Project Examples

One student's work practicing concept through the creation of a multi-level Maze project
One student's work practicing the use of variables in an interactive "Hide and Seek" project.

More 2016-2017 Projects

Important Programming Vocab