Ed Tech w/ Mr.DeBoyace

6th Grade Computer Tech

Class Sequence


Typing Web will be a required weekly activity throughout 6th Grade computer tech. Students will learn touch-typing keyboarding and be required to log weekly practice through the web-based program.
See the TypingWeb Directions on how to log-in, or the TypingWeb page for more.

Google Apps and Email Etiquette

This short unit at the beginning of the semester will review the basics of student Google Apps account, and how to utilize their accounts properly and effectively. The unit will start with a review of proper Email Etiquette, customization of student email accounts, and a short discussion on how email works.


Google Calendars

Students will recreate their Middle School schedule using Google Calendars. Throughout this unit students will:

Spreadsheet Software

Students will be introduced to Spreadsheet software, including Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. Throughout this unit, students will:

Unit Sequence:

  1. Students will first be introduced to Microsoft Excel by building a calendar and uploading it as a CSV file to Google Calendar.
  2. Students will also enter and organize data from transactions from a Lemonade Stand. After using formulas to properly analyze the data, students will create a report in Microsoft Word that professionally represents an evaluation of the data.
  3. Finally, students will insert, organize and evaluate their own TypingWeb statistics using Google Sheets, while also presenting their data professionally using Google Docs.
Spreadsheet software vocabulary that students will be required to know.

Choose Your Own Adventure - Student Created Interactive Story

In this end of unit project, students will create an original Interactive Choose Your Own Adventure Story from scratch, utilizing a Flow Chart as a planner and organizer, and creating the project using advanced interactive features of Microsoft PowerPoint 2010.

Summary of Project: