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Recently in 4th Grade Info-Tech

We've finished our Native American Storytelling Unit.

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During this Unit students learned about Native American Storytellers, while taking on the responsibility of a storyteller. After finding a traditional Native American story to tell, students explored, analyzed and decided on an appropriate and effective Tech tool in which to retell their story.
The Digital Storytelling tools we explored include:

4th Graders also learned to navigate Google Earth, using their geographical skills to explore the regions of New York State. Students collaborated with peers to learn collect information about their Region of New York, and ultimately create a screencast navigating throughout their region.
See the Project webpage at deboyace.com/earth for full project details.
    View completed student videos here.

Last semester 4th Graders learned to use Google Drawings to create an original Patriotic Logo with a partner. See the project page at deboyace.com/patriot

4th Grade

Course Sequence

There are a tremendous amount of awesome projects we create in 4th Grade Info-Tech!

Patriotism Logo

This project reflects and adds on to learning about Patriotism and Patriotic Symbols.

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See the complete project website at deboyace.com/patriot

Google Earth - A Tour of New York State

In this project students will create a tutorial of a Region of New York State in groups, identifying geographical and man-made features of the region while using Google Earth.
Students will first familiarize themselves with this independent activity exploring significant locations around the world. See the student worksheet here, and the full website at deboyace.com/earth.
See the complete Unit sequence here

Google Apps - Gmail and GDocs

Throughout the school year,students will utilize Google Apps to communicate, create and even collaborate! They will create Emails, Docs, Slides, Drawings, and more!!

Click here to learn more about Google Apps at CV-S.

Digital Native American Storytelling

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Thirteen Colonies Travel Brochure

Declaration of Independence - Then and Now