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3rd Grade

3rd Grade Program Overview

The 3rd Grade Technology Program at Cherry Valley-Springfield includes a once a week meeting in the Elementary Computer Lab.
Mr. Strange will be teaching 3rd Grade for the 2015-2016 School Year. You can see his website here.

The main objectives of the program include:

  1. To strengthen student computer confidence and encourage exploration and use of technology throughout their educational career
  2. To learn basic Web Navigation skills - including finding and accessing website and web-based applications
  3. To understand and experiment with how computers can promote creativity and original creation
  4. To understand how to utilize basic office applications to achieve educational goals and objectives
  5. To understand the basics of Web Safety and "Netiquette"
  6. To analyze how controlling a computer can promote creativity

Course Sequence

The following was the course sequence for the 2014-2015 school year.
You can see and request the full curriculum here.

Netiquette and Internet Safety

Another recurring theme in class is Internet Safety and Netiquette. In class, we have ongoing discussions on how to be safe online, while discussing potential dangers that exist.

All students sign the Internet Safety Pledge:

Students also complete challenges such as Router's Birthday Surprise.

To see the resources we use in class, as well as the Parent resources, go to NetSmartz.

Google Apps and Gmail

In the near future students will be using web-based applications and productivity tools to enhance their education and their ability to achieve educational objectives. Google Apps has been adapted widely across the Middle School and High School here at Cherry Valley-Springfield. Therefore, I have decided to introduce basics about Email and student Google Apps accounts this year.

We have started with students accessing their Gmail account, while learning about Email basics, Email Etiquette, and basic customization methods.

More info on CV-S Google Apps

See deboyace.com/google for the student information site.

See the Parent Information site about Google Apps at deboyace.com/google4parents.

Creative Computing and Pre-Programming

The essential premise of this Unit is to introduce students to the field of Computer Science early on, in a fun, tangible, relatable way - all as a means of representing how computers can enhance students creative potential. The focus is to show students how they can manipulate computers to any possible imaginative, as opposed to pigeon-holing them into the constraints of a particular program.


Lightbot is a pre-programming puzzle and problem solving game. It challenges students to complete increasingly complex levels to guide Lightbot with specific instructions to the end of the puzzle. It embeds such concepts as sequential programming, functions and recursion.
For more go to Lightbot.com, or see Lightbot 2.0 that we play on deboyace.com/lightbot.
This fun game introduces students to the block and word style of the more advanced Scratch.
Scratch is a pre-programming object-based programming app created by the Lifelong Kindergarten group group at MIT. It teaches students a wide range of programming skills, ranging from basic step-by-step programs to creating variables, using functions - all while having students create custom games and animations. The potentials are truly endless.

Students learn to use Google Earth to explore and learn about our World. 3rd Graders practice navigation skills, copying and pasting, organizing multiple windows, hyperlinking and working within Google Docs, all while learning geography skills and information about notable places around the world. See deboyace.com/earth for the Locations to explore and Google Earth Continent overlay. Go here to see the Google Doc template that students will fill out.

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