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2nd Grade

2nd Grade Program Overview

The 2nd Grade Technology Program at Cherry Valley-Springfield includes a once a week meeting in the Elementary Computer Lab.

The main objectives of the program include:

  • To strengthen student computer confidence and encourage exploration and use of technology throughout their educational career
  • To improve typing skill including speed and accuracy
  • To learn basic word processing skills, including text and formatting manipulation
  • To understand and experiment with how computers can promote creativity and original creation
  • To learn basic image creation tools
  • To understand the basics of Web Safety and "Netiquette"

    Course Sequence

    See the class pre & post assessment here (login required)
    See the full course curriculum here.

    Responsible Computing - Lab Rules

    We always start off the year reviewing how to properly utilize the computer lab, including responsible and ethical use of technology. This often includes modeling proper behavior and procedures before we start. See an example here.

    Computer Parts and Microsoft Paint

    We start off the year in 2nd grade with becoming familiar with Computer Parts.


    Objectives includes:
    1. Knowing key vocabulary like Tower, Monitor, Keyboard, etc. (see below for full Vocab list)
    2. Learning basic image creation tools to draw a computer
    3. Choosing a computer part and drawing it in Microsoft Paint
    4. Being able to match terms to parts, and defining words

    Internet Safety

    In this unit students will be introduced to the realistic dangers of the internet, while critically analyzing how to use the internet safely and responsibly.


    NetSmartz Kids
    Internet Safety Pledge
    Introductory Lesson - Students compare real-life field trips to digital ones - while comparing and contrasting rules to follow and dangers to be aware of.
    Internet Safety Comic Strip creation

    Word Processing

    We spend a tremendous amount of time in 2nd grade becoming familiar with Word Processors - most notably Microsoft Word. This gives us the ability to know the ins and outs of the program for our educational needs down the road.

    Our main goals:

    1. Typing, manipulating text size, color, style.
    2. Adjusting to correct line - hitting enter to go to next line
    3. Inserting images
    4. Aligning images to correct spot
    5. Copy and pasting content
    6. Understanding proper formatting, including Header, Footer, Paragraphs, etc.
    7. Saving our work properly to a network location
    8. Printing to the correct network printer



    Students will be introduced to making a slideshow presentation by using Microsoft Office PowerPoint. They will be exposed to the dynamic nature of slideshows, text and image manipulation. Students will ultimately create an ABC Slideshow that they will publish!


    We often will do activities on the side to collaborate with in-class activities, while enforcing work we do within the classroom. Wordle is a great example of that. Please see our classes work from the 2014 to 2015 school year, by clicking here.
    Some word cloud web-based software includes Wordle and Word Clouds.


    If time throughout the school year, students will be exposed to a number of fun and engaging pre-programming games to learn how computers think


    2nd Grade Vocab

    Open Save File Menu
    Copy Paste Exit
    Browser Internet Netiquette
    Monitor Keyboard Mouse
    Tower Headphones Printer
    Toolbar Word Processor CPU