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1st Grade

1st Grade program Overview

The 1st Grade Technology Program at Cherry Valley-Springfield includes a once a week meeting in the Elementary Computer Lab.

The main objectives of the program include:

  1. To become creators not consumers on a computer
  2. To strengthen student computer confidence and encourage exploration and use of technology throughout their educational career
  3. To learn basic Web Navigation skills - including finding and accessing website and web-based applications
  4. To understand and experiment with how computers can promote creativity and original creation
  5. To understand basic Programming concepts including sequencing, looping and conditionals.
  6. To understand how to utilize basic Word processing to professionally present information
  7. To understand the basics of Web Safety and "Netiquette"
  8. To improve on typing skills

Click here to request and see the complete course sequence for 1st Grade Tech at CV-S.

Program Sequence

Responsible Computing - Lab Rules

We always start off the year reviewing how to properly utilize the computer lab, including responsible and ethical use of technology. This often includes modeling proper behavior and procedures before we start. See an example here.

Internet Safety

Students are giving a basic introduction to how they can be safe online. The main objective at this grade level is comparing the concept of "Stranger Danger" to the real dangers that exist online - emphasizing the fact that if students are questionable about online content to council with an adult.

Creative Computing

One very large objective we have in 1st grade tech, is for students to recognize the creative potential of computers. This translates into having students "program" characters to follow direct and explicit instructions, or programs. Students are introduced to this method in which to build instructions for computers and express their creativity through a variety of apps and programs in tech. Most notably Kodable and Scratch Jr.

The unit objectives include learning:


Kodable provides increasingly difficult levels where students practice basic programming concepts from sequencing, to conditionals and looping. Go to the Kodable website for more.
Scratch Jr
ScratchJR provides unlimited potential for student creation, as they learn concepts of sequential programming, while controlling various sprites, using loops, and so much more.
Go to ScratchJr.org for more, and download the app for free onto your iPad or Android Device.

Other resources are used throughout this unit, including Code.org and smaller games that emphasize or introduce various concepts including Pattern Games.

Previous ScratchJr Projects

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Spooky Projects

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Noun Projects

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Playing in the Park Challenge

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Scratch Jr is a free iPad or Android app developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten group at MIT. It teaches a range of programming skills while allowing students to problem-solve, iterate, and be creative using computers!

Paint Unit

During this unit, students will:


Web Navigation

Ingrained within the 1st Grade curriculum is the practice of independent web navigation. Students exercise the ability to access websites in a variety of way, including clicking hyperlinks to independently typing web addressing to access games and activities.

Word Processor Unit

Warm-up Project

In this short project introducing students to Word Processors, students will learn how to:

Bat Projects

Throughout the school year we will collaborate with classroom teachers to enhance student understanding and publishing. Last year, one of those projects was on Bats.
Here are some tech skills, we learned and perfected in this project:

Animal Research

In this project, students will:

Project Sequence:

  1. Navigate to cvscs.org/seek and type in the username and password.
  2. Then navigate to PebbleGo and choose an animal to "read" about.
  3. Then download the project template atdeboyace.com/animal
  4. Begin transferring learned information into the templates
  5. Save the image and continue editing later
  6. Insert images from Clip Art
  7. Publish their project by printing

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